– Repeal the Second Amendment – Crazy Anti-Gunner or Epic Troll?

November 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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If you frequent any gun forums or websites, by now you may have heard of

It’s a website, created by an individual, who claims to want to repeal the Second Amendment.

Personally, I think this website was setup to upset gun owners and elicit reactions which will later be published to make gun owners look bad. Even the most staunch gun control advocated wouldn’t push for such ridiculous measures. The website features a Google voice number, which allows the author to save numerous text messages and voice mails on the web. It also features a GMail account which allows millions of emails to be archived. Finally, it has open comment forms which will save all comments to the websites database (including your IP address and any email address you enter).

Here are a few of the ideas presented as a “28th Amendment”

The second amendment of the Constitution of the United States, being no longer necessary to a secure state is hereby nullified.

The production and sale of new firearms, being defined as a rifle, pistol, or other gun, will be disallowed until a time in which the number of firearms in circulation is equal to 50% of the population as determined by the Census.

An income tax equal to 4% of an individual’s income will be assessed by all gun owners. In states which were at any point in time a part of the Confederate States of America, this tax shall be equal to 10% of an individual’s income. Taxes levied under this amendment shall be appropriated in equal portions to programs to expand Affirmative Action programs and begin to pay reparations to the descendants of African slaves.

All firearms must be retrofitted with both a global positioning transmitter as well as a fingerprint activated locking mechanism. Failure to comply with this provision will result in a fine, prison time, and forfeiture of the privilege of firearm ownership.

Assault rifles, semi-automatic, and automatic weapons, as well as those not fitted with GPS and trigger locking devices will be immediately seized by the government. The owner will be compensated fair market value of the weapon, minus the cost of the seizure operation.

Regardless of the true purpose of the website, folks, don’t comment on it and don’t give it your information (even fake information).

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