Shocking 911 Call From George Zimmerman Arrest Released

November 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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Yesterday George Zimmerman was arrested during a domestic violence dispute.

According to 911 calls released today that were made by Zimmerman’s girlfriend, she accuses Zimmerman of putting a gun in her face and breaking a glass table, a pair of sunglasses, and other items.

She also alleges he had a Kel Tec Shotgun, an AR-15, and two handguns. She accuses Zimmerman of “knowing how to do this,” and “knowing how to play this game.”

She also accuses Zimmerman of pushing her out the door of her home. She tells the 911 dispatcher that she and Zimmerman have been together since August.

During all of this she makes no mention that her boyfriend is George Zimmerman, unless it was during one of the redacted parts of the recording.

She does mention that she “knows this will go public.”

She also says she “doesn’t believe [Zimmerman] has anything to lose at this point.”

When police arrived Zimmerman was taken into custody and refused to speak to police.

According to, it sounds like there is a lot more to this story.

Zimmerman then reveals that Scheibe is pregnant with his child and that the argument started when she decided that it would be better if he left and she raised the child on her own. But according to Zimmerman, when he started to pack up his things, Scheibe “completely changed” and started smashing things in the house and throwing his belongings out of her room, all over the house and outside. Zimmerman also claimed that the glass table was broke when Scheibe threw something on it.

Zimmerman also placed a 911 call himself, after his girlfriend placed the initial call. Here is that audio:

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