School Shooting in Russia, Two Dead, Twenty Held Hostage in Country With Strict Gun Control Laws

February 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Many gun control advocates would probably point to Russia as a model country for gun laws. The country has required licensing, training, and criminal/mental health checks before anyone can even purchase a gun. That licensing procedure must be redone every 5 years. Handguns are prohibited for private citizens and certain types of long guns are restricted. Most of the privately owned firearms in Russia are hunting shotguns.

Despite those strict gun laws, Russia still saw a school shooting and hostage situation earlier today.

According to media reports, two people, a teacher and a police officer, were shot and killed by a gunman armed with a rifle. The shooter then held 20 students hostage before eventually being disarmed and captured.

The shooter is thought to have been a student at the school, and a disagreement with a teacher may have been the cause for the incident, although formally authorities are saying the motive is unknown.

According to CNN,

The incident, at School No. 263, happened around noon local time when the armed student forced his way past a security guard, who raised an alarm.

“On his way to the class the shooter injured one of the teachers who died later,” said the committee, Russia’s federal intelligence agency. “The police officers arrived to the school. When they entered the building the shooter opened a gun fire, injured one and killed another.”

All of the hostages were released and the gunman was detained, it added.

This is a tragic example of why gun control simply doesn’t work. Bad guys who want to hurt innocent people will find a way. The only way to stop them are to allow good guys the ability to defend themselves at all times.

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