SAF Changes Date of “Guns Save Lives Day” from Newtown Anniversary

October 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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Alan-Gottleib-Second-Amendment-Foundation-courtesy-The-Truth-About-GunsDue to the name of the event in question and the name of this website, we’ve certainly received some interesting emails from people who think we were the architects of the event, but anyhow, it looks like it’s a moot point.

The Second Amendment Foundation has announced that they will move “Guns Save Lives Day” from Decemeber 14th (the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings) to Decemeber 15th.

Alan Gottlieb, a seasoned Second Amendment activist, and a very smart guy (his undergrad degree was only in nuclear engineering) may have used the opportunity to prevent gun control supporters from owning the Newtown anniversary.

According to The New Haven Register,

Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra asked the organizers to pick another day, and the group announced Monday that the day would be moved to Dec. 15. Buzzfeed first reported the change Monday afternoon.

“We will not politicize the day and we hope they will not politicize and push their anti-civil rights agenda on the 14th,” Gottlieb said. “We’re going to show that we are sensitive.”

Gottlieb said he would expect the media to hold stricter gun control activists accountable for not politicizing the day.

Was this all a publicity stunt to prevent either side from taking advantage of the anniversary of a tragedy?

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