Property Owner in Jail For Shooting Suspected Burglar for the Third Time

February 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_22_rifleA property owner who opened fire on a suspected burglar is in jail tonight, facing felony charges for assaulting the burglar, who is being treated for two non life threatening gunshot wounds.

Miodrag Bugarcic owns a warehouse in Cleveland. The warehouse has long been the target of thieves looking to steel various scrap metals such as wires and pipes.

Last week, Bugarcic arrived at the Warehouse to find someone inside, cutting wires. Bugarcic allegedly opened fire on the suspect, who fled. Bugarcic then, also allegedly, opened fire on the suspect as he fled.

Bugarcic claimed that the suspected burglar came towards him armed with a pipe.

The gun Bugarcic used in this incident was a .22LR bolt action rifle. Not an ideal self defense gun, right? Well, it turns out Bugarcic’s other firearms are currently in a police evidence locker, because this isn’t the first time he has had to defend his property from burglars.

According to WTVM,

In November 2012, police say Bugarcic shot and killed a burglar at a property he owns on Portage in Cleveland.

Three weeks after that, he shot and wounded another burglar.

And last November, police say Bugarcic held two men at gunpoint as they stripped an air conditioner in the same location.

19 Action News also learned Bugarcic had just been to police headquarters trying to get back a gun from an earlier shooting.

We’ll have to wait to see how the charges pan out to see if we can include this one in our database of lawful defensive gun uses.

Sources:, WTVM

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