Pregnant Woman in Labor is Car Jacked at Gunpoint While Her Boyfriend Runs Away

March 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 7.10.38 PMWe’re running this story to show you what the anti-gun crowd would have you do when faced with a violent crime, turn and run away.

In this case, a pregnant woman and her boyfriend were leaving their home on the way to the hospital as the woman had just gone into labor.

As they were leaving their home, they were approached by multiple armed men who were demanding money and their car.

The boyfriend ran away from the scene, apparently to call for help, leaving his pregnant, in labor girlfriend to face multiple armed assailants.

According to The Baltimore Sun,

One of the men then told the woman who was standing outside the car: “Open the door. Go get the money. Do you want to die? Do you think we playing?,” according the police report. The woman told police said the men kept asking: “Where’s the key?”

The woman told the men she only had a car key and handed it over, police said. Officers arrived and the suspects fled in the victim’s car, police said. The third man — who has not been identified — left in another car, the woman told police.

Police were luckily able to catch the suspects and get the woman to the hospital.

I guess the boyfriend did exactly what the anti-gun crowd would want him to do when faced with a threat of violence – turn and run away.

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