Phoenix Police Work $10,000 of Overtime to Destroy Guns Before New Law Takes Effect Banning Destruction

September 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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Earlier this year the Arizona state legislature passed a law making it illegal for police departments to destroy weapons bought from the public during gun “buy backs”.

The law would have guns instead sold to licensed, federal firearms dealers at auction and placed in their inventory for sale to the public. This is how most evidence and property is treated

Apparently the Phoenix Police Department really, really hates that idea.

They hate the idea of people legally buying and selling guns so much that they spent over $10,000 of taxpayer funds in overtime in order to destroy the weapons before the new law takes effect.

According to,

The program collected nearly 2,000 weapons, and Phoenix police worked nearly 175 hours of overtime — at a cost of about $10,000 — to ensure the guns were destroyed before the law kicked in last Friday.

Buybacks in Phoenix offered grocery-store gift cards in exchange for guns and illustrated a widespread demand in the community for a safe way to dispose of unwanted weapons, said Hildy Saizow, president of Arizonans for Gun Safety. The group, which aims to prevent gun violence, helped coordinate the buybacks with police, Mayor Greg Stanton’s office and faith-based organizations.

“I’m very happy we were able to get these destroyed before the law took effect,” Saizow said. “That’s what we promised the public, and no matter what the Legislature did, we needed to meet that objective.”

Gun “buy backs” (never really understood the name, but anyway) have been criticized as being a waste of time and money which has virtually no impact on violent crime.

Most of the people selling their guns are people selling inherited guns, antique guns, broken guns, or unwanted guns.

According to the same AZ Central report, federal agencies got in on the gun destruction action as well because there simply weren’t enough local officers to destroy the guns fast enough. Both the Border Patrol and BATFE contributed agents to the effort.

Personally, I can think of about 2,372,372 ways that I would rather see my tax dollars spent, how about you?

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