New York Newspaper Sues County to Get Private Information About Gun Owners

October 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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permitsYou remember the Journal News, right?

They are the newspaper that compiled the the interactive map of gun owner’s homes earlier this year by requesting the records of all citizens who had a permit to own a gun in certain New York counties.

Not all counties complied with the request for information, which in New York, is technically considered public record.

Putnam County, New York has refused to provide the information about gun owners residing in its county. A stance they maintain to this day.

However, the Journal News won’t leave well enough alone.

According to one of their own websites,

The Journal News on Thursday sued Putnam County and its county clerk’s office in state Supreme Court to compel them to release information about the county’s pistol-permit holders.

The newspaper’s lawsuit, filed shortly after 4 p.m., comes after Putnam denied two New York state Freedom of Information Law requests and a subsequent appeal. The paper first sought the information after the Newtown, Conn., shooting massacre, and again after New York state passed a gun-control law that allowed permit holders to apply to keep their names and addresses private.

The county hasn’t commented on the lawsuit yet as it says it has not yet received the paperwork.

The Journal News claims they will not use new gun owner information to make names or addresses of license holders publicly available, but they don’t have a very good track record of that now do they?

Following the publication of the map, it was blamed as a possible reason that at least one home was burglarized and the homeowner’s guns stolen.

The editor of the Journal Times who originally oversaw the mapping operation was fired back in August.

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