Nebraska Bill Would Allow Teachers to Get “Level II” Carry Permit to Carry in Schools

February 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_holsterOver the last year, we’ve heard numerous ways to protect defenseless children while they are at school. They include more of a law enforcement presence in schools, armed private security, using the military to protect schools and arming teachers/staff.

Many have expressed concern that teachers/staff would lack the training required to properly use a firearm in an active shooter situation.

A Nebraska bill currently being discussed seeks to satisfy both sides of the debate by introducing a “Level II” carry permit. Teachers and staff would be required to take 24 hours (3 full days) of additional training in order to obtain the license, which would allow carry on school campuses.

According to, the training would go far beyond normal concealed carry training,

Teachers who obtain 24 hours of additional training could carry concealed handguns in schools under a bill introduced Tuesday in the Nebraska Legislature.

The bill would create a “level II” concealed carry permit that would require the holder to undergo training in addition to the roughly eight hours for a standard permit. The additional training would include best practices for active shooter situations, weapons retention methods and techniques related to barricading and evasion.

Many schools, much to the dismay of anti-gunners, have realized that the only way to truly protect children is by having good guys with guns on campus. Many schools have chosen to hire additional police officers and/or armed private security guards.

However, hiring professionals is costly and smaller school districts often find themselves lacking the funds for such measures. Training teachers could be a far more cost effective solution while still providing a sound level of protection to students.

You can view Legislative Bill 879 online.

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