Marine Veteran Armed With Handgun Arrested After Trying to Help During NJ Mall Incident

November 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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110613donovan_dngnkA New Milford, NJ man found himself in trouble with the law after trying to help during the incident that occurred at a NJ mall, which initially appeared to be a lone gunman situation, but was later determined to be a suicide situation.

Cody Donovan, 22, recently honorably discharged from the Marines where he served as a Military Police Officer, apparently rushed to the scene and wanted to help authorities.
Donovan is also a member of the New Milford Ambulance Corps.

Donovan arrived with other medical personnel, but upon arriving and seeing the chaos, Donovan told officers on the scene that he was armed, a retired Military Police Officer, and wanted to help locate the suspect.

Police then promptly arrested him for violating New Jersey’s strict gun laws.

According to Donovan’s attorney, his client’s intentions were nothing but honorable, if slightly overzealous,

“He had no intent to do anything but be a good Samaritan,” says Donovan’s attorney James Patuto. “And he was acting as a good Samaritan within the scope of his former police training.”

According to News12, local police were concerned about possible safety issues,

Bergen County Police Chief Brian Higgins says that in plainclothes, Donovan was not identifiable to other officers. He had also not been a part of their emergency training. “To have somebody who is not part of that command structure running around the mall armed, we don’t know what could happen,” says Higgins.

Donovan was booked into an area jail and released after posting $25,000 bond.

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