Kansas City Costume Shop Stops Selling/Renting Realistic Guns After Boy is Shot by Police

October 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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Yesterday we reported on a 13 year old boy in California who was shot by Sheriff’s Deputies while he was holding a toy AK-47 rifle (seen below).

Police are still investigating the shooting and the officers have been placed on administrative leave.


Now, at least on costume shop is taking steps to make sure something similar doesn’t happen with items purchased or rented from their shops.

According to KSHB,

“Anything that is going to be part of a costume is going to have those plastic orange tips,” Juan Madera said.

There are some metal guns in the store that look just about real. Most of them are vintage revolvers. Those are kept under lock and key. Madera has one of only two keys in the store and even then, buyers must prove they are using the guns for theater purposes.

You know, a safety issue,” said Madera. “We don’t anyone to misconcept (sic) that its an actual gun by spray painting it or anything like that.”

The California shooting has raised some concerns for advocates of open carry. In many states, it is legal to openly carry and display firearms, with many states not requiring a carry license to do so.

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