Idaho School District Debates Placing Guns in Schools and Training Staff to Use Them

October 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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Several school districts across the nation have already taken steps to make sure their town isn’t the site of the next school shooting by either placing additional armed officers in schools or giving teachers and staff the ability to carry concealed firearms.

Now Sandpoint Schools in Northern Idaho may be taking similar measures.

A proposal by the school board would place guns in each school in the district, stored in a secure location, and stored in a biometric safe accessible only to trained staff.

According to School Board Chairman Steve Youngdahl the issue is simply one of response time. From,

“I found out our response time for some of our outlying campuses could be as long as 20 minutes,” he said. “Call it 20, call it 15, call it 10, I mean, a lot can happen in that period of time. It’s not like in town where it’s minutes.”

A public discussion was held on the issue last Friday with the audience mostly divided it appeared there was a slight majority of people who wanted to see students protected by firearms.

Also from the Spokesman,

“I do believe from the bottom of my heart we need weapons in every school to protect those children,” said Lewis Beebe, of Clark Fork.

Patty Bowman said school shootings remain a rare occurrence. “This seems like a scare tactic,” she said. “We shouldn’t give into that fear.”

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