Heathrow Airport Security Confiscates Super Tiny Gun Accessory From ‘Toy Story’ Doll

February 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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It looks like common sense is lacking both here in the US and abroad.

Security officials at Heathrow Airport confiscated a tiny toy gun that is meant to be an accessory for a “Woody” doll from the Toy Story movie.

The traveler who lost the tiny toy posted online that he carries the doll with him when he has to travel and takes photos of the doll in various locales for his son.

According to the Daily Mail,

The traveller, who backed up their claim by posting online a photo of Woody being impounded, said: ‘I have travelled the world with Toy Story’s Woody, taking pics for my son.

‘At Heathrow, security just confiscated his “weapon”, keep the world safe boys’.

The photo has caused hundreds of comments on the Reddit website, with many users branding the security services as overzealous.

One user, called Groonz, commented: ‘I’m just imagining what it would be like if he tried to hijack an airplane with that small gun. People squinting looking at his hand.’

Another person, with the username dudeinsha, wrote: ‘Pathetic. What happened to common sense?’

And Reddit user Spiritol Jaguar, referring to Woody’s famous catchphrase about snakes when someone pulls his string, added: ‘Did they find the snake in his boot?’

Thank you Heathrow security agents for keeping the world safe from super tiny toy guns.

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