Gun Used in Maryland Mall Shooting Was Legally Purchased Mossberg 500

January 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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mossbergGun owner have always said it’s not the gun, but rather the intent of the its user that makes for deadly public shootings.

Based on the fact that three of the most recent, high profile shootings have all used shotguns illustrates that face. The shooting at the Navy Yard, the recent Colorado high school shooting, and the Maryland mall shooting were all carried out with low capacity, pump style shotguns.

According to media reports, the gun used in the recent Maryland mall shooting was a legally purchased Mossberg 500.

The owners of the store said Darion Aguilar, the shooter, did not raise any red flags when he purchased the firearm. He reportedly asked several questions about safely using/handling the gun and even came back to the store to purchase additional birdshot for practice.

The package of strict gun control laws Maryland passed last year did absolutely nothing to stop this incident, and so far, have done nothing at all except disarm law abiding gun owners.

Even in countries with strict gun control laws such as Great Britain and Mexico, shotguns are still legal to own and it would be hard to imagine controlling access to a firearm that is traditionally used for hunting, sport shooting and home defense.

Even during last year’s debate on gun laws, Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told Americans that they didn’t need an AR-15, and they should just buy a shotgun.

We already know Maryland rarely issues carry permits to average citizens and we also now know that the mall where the shooting occurred was a gun free zone. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, the only way to stop a bad guy determined to do harm (with any type of weapon) is a good guy with a gun.

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