Disturbing Report: ATF Used Mentally Disabled People, Encouraged Drug Use Among Minors During Stings

December 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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atf_wideThe Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published some extremely disturbing findings in a recent report on ATF sting operations across the country.

This report is only going to add to the already tarnished reputation the agency has following the “Fast and Furious” scandal in which the agency knowingly allowed numerous weapons to be smuggled to Mexican drug cartels.

Several of those weapons have been used to kill innocent people in Mexico and at least one border agent in the United States.

The new report from the JS sheds even more light on questionable tactics being used by the ATF to try and arrest straw purchasers and gun smugglers. However, it seems that many of these people only participated in such activities due to situations created directly by the ATF during their undercover operations.

Here is one disturbing story from the report,

Aaron Key wasn’t sure he wanted a tattoo on his neck. Especially one of a giant squid smoking a joint.

But the guys running Squid’s Smoke Shop in Portland, Ore., convinced him: It would be a perfect way to promote their store.

They would even pay him and a friend $150 apiece if they agreed to turn their bodies into walking billboards.

Key, who is mentally disabled, was swayed.

He and his friend, Marquis Glover, liked Squid’s. It was their hangout. The 19-year-olds spent many afternoons there playing Xbox and chatting with the owner, “Squid,” and the store clerks.

So they took the money and got the ink etched on their necks, tentacles creeping down to their collarbones.

It would be months before the young men learned the whole thing was a setup. The guys running Squid’s were actually undercover ATF agents conducting a sting to get guns away from criminals and drugs off the street.

Seriously? If a local law enforcement department did something similar it would make the national news and there would be calls for investigations into human rights violations. However, the ATF is rarely subjected to the same standards as other law enforcement agencies.

Other allegations include using mentally challenged people in their investigations, destroying rented properties and disappearing without paying for damages, and even transforming neighborhoods into crime ridden areas in their attempt to draw out criminals.

Check out the full report from the Journal Sentinel to get all of the details.

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