Current System Works! Felon Sentenced to Prison After Trying to Buy Gun at a Gun Show, Turned in by Dealers

October 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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5256e7f6e6abb.imageHere is a story for anyone who thinks the majority of gun sales at a gun show happen without a background check (hint: nearly all transactions at gun shows are done by licensed dealers and include a NICS background check).

Lamont Reaves, 27, who is a convicted felon, apparently tried to get several vendors to sell him a gun at a Virginia area gun show without a background check.

Anti gun advocates would have you believe that Reaves would have been able to easily find a gun for sale without a background check at one of those evil gun shows.

However, Reaves was denied by multiple vendors, and several of the vendors actually notified a state trooper working the gun show who took Reaves into custody. Charges were filed after it was found Reaves was a convicted felon.

According to The Times Dispatch,

[State Trooper] Sottile and other state troopers have developed a rapport with firearms dealers at Virginia gun shows, and those relationships have helped reduce illegal gun sales, authorities said.

“Licensed gun dealers play a major role in stopping illegal gun purchases, especially straw purchases,” Sottile said. “In my experience at gun shows and licensed firearms storefronts throughout the Richmond area, dealers have contacted me if they suspect someone — through his or her conversation with the customer or the customer’s odd behavior — is attempting to make an illegal purchase.”

“I can’t thank the dealers enough with whom I work with for their help in aiding in criminal prosecution,” he added.

Reaves was sentenced to 9 months in prison for attempting the illegal gun purchase.

So I guess our current system does work when it’s actually enforced and gun shows aren’t free for all black markets for criminals buying guns after all (not that we didn’t already know that).

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