Colorado Senator Facing Recall Over Gun Control Doubles Down, Hosts Gun Control Rally

October 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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hudakBack in September, we saw two Colorado state senators recalled due to their support of gun control earlier this year when Colorado passed some very restrictive new gun control laws.

Now, gun rights activists are targeting a third anti-gun senator for recall, Evie Hudak.

Rather than stepping away from her stance on gun control, Hudak is doubling down it.

According to CBS, the embattled lawmaker hosted a gun control rally on the steps of the state capitol,

On Saturday nine chairs sat in front of the state Capitol building steps representing the nine women who die every week form domestic gun violence.

“As a mom myself this is an issue that’s personal to me,” state Sen. Evie Hudak said at the rally.

The event was co-hosted by newly formed anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action.

Hudak was another strong supporter of the strict gun control laws passed in Colorado earlier this year.

Hudak also famously told a young, female gun activist, who wanted to carry a gun for protection against sexual assault that a gun would do her no good in protecting her from a rape and she was more likely to have the gun used against her in a sexual assault (see video below).

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