BREAKING: Sanford, FL PD Backs Off Plan to Disarm Neighborhood Watch Volunteers

November 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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No_GunLast week we reported that the police in Sanford, FL, the location of the Zimmerman trial earlier this year, was seeking to make sure that neighborhood watch volunteers could not carry guns while fulfilling neighborhood watch duties.

Of course, the city nor the police could legally do that as the state of Florida has preemption on firearm laws.

Now, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the PD is backing off of that,

The Sanford Police Department is backing off a proposal to ban Neighborhood Watch members from carrying guns, but it still wants volunteers to leave their firearms at home and will make that recommendation at a community meeting Tuesday night, police Chief Cecil Smith said Monday.

“We originally came out with a stern, ‘You should not,'” Smith said. “We took a second look at it.”

“What you are doing is asking people to be out in their community, be visible and take note of what’s going on,” [Sean Caranna, executive director of Florida Carry] said. “They can be more of a target for criminal aggression. We certainly don’t want the only person to be armed in a confrontation to be a criminal.”

Phil Unser, Neighborhood Watch coordinator in Wedgefield in east Orange County, said he disapproves of the policy change for similar reasons.

If a Neighborhood Watch volunteer was driving home with a gun in the car and saw someone breaking into a house, for example, would he have to take his gun home and lock it up before reporting the crime to the police?

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