BREAKING: Miss Kansas, US Army Sergeant, Loses Miss America Competition After Making Top 10

September 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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Earlier tonight we reported that Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas, and a US Army Sergeant in the National Guard as well as a marksman and avid hunter, had made the Top 10 finalists in the Miss America Competition.

It has now been announced that Vail has been eliminated from the competition following the talent portion of the competition in which she sung opera as a talent.

Here is the article from earlier tonight following the announcement that Vail had won online voting to earn the honor of being “America’s Choice” for Miss America.

Earlier this week we reported on Theresa Vail. Miss Kansas and the Sergeant in the United States Army National Guard.

Just moments ago, Miss Kansas was announced as “America’s Choice” and given a place in the Top 15 final contestants.

Vail won the online video voting on the Miss America website preceding the competition. Vail was widely covered in the media in over the last coupe of weeks. The article we wrote gathered over 26,000 Facebook “Likes” alone.

Here is the original article on Theresa Vail:

Meet Theresa Vail.

Vail is a National Guard solider who is an M16 expert marksman, avid bowhunter, and will be one of the first Miss America contestants to bear ink on stage.

Oh yeah, she’s also double majoring in Chemistry and Chinese at Kansas State University.

According to a recent profile by People, Vail doesn’t just pose with guns and bows for cool photo ops. She’s also an avid hunter,

“I’ve worked with five former Miss Kansas contestants and I’ve never seen anyone this focused and determined,” says Kim Brom, business manager for the Miss Kansas pageant. “She has so many different qualities – she’s a hunter, she’s in the military, she’s fluent in Chinese, she’s very educated and, even more than that, she has that unquantifiable star quality.”

Vail joined the Kansas Army National guard three weeks after she turned 17. And even though she recently re-enlisted for six more years, she’s now a senior at Kansas State University with a double major in Chinese and chemistry. She loves the outdoors and has been an avid hunter since she was 10.

Vail will become the first Miss America contestant to have visible tattoos when she crosses the stage in her bikini during the swimsuit portion of the competition.

The Blaze breaks down Vail’s ink,

One tattoo is the iconic “Serenity Prayer,” which is on her right side. She notes on her blog:

“I was growing up amidst the bullying and neglect, I found myself asking God on a daily basis to give me peace in knowing I cannot change certain things about myself, but also asking Him to give me the strength to change things that I had the power to. Praying to Him for these characteristics got me through my adolescent years, high school and boot camp. When I was 20 years old, I knew I wanted to always be reminded of my past and its connection to this prayer. Thus, I chose to have it tattooed onto my body. I have no regrets.”

Her other tattoo, on her left shoulder, is the military medical insignia:

“Though much smaller than the prayer, the significance is just as great. Since I was a child, God placed a strong passion for service into my heart. Service to my Country, and service to people through medicine. In the middle of this symbol is the letter ‘D’ to represent my dad, whose influence was paramount in choosing this career path.”

Personally, I’m glad to see a beauty queen with real heart and real intelligence who isn’t afraid to break the stereotype of what a Miss America contestant is supposed to be.

You can vote for Vail in the Miss America competition by visiting the Miss America Website, finding her video, and voting for it.

All photos courtesy Vail’s Website, Miss Outdoor Girl.


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