BREAKING: Mass. Police Chief Confiscates Man’s Guns and FOID Due to “Immaturity”

September 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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Matthew P. Plouffe, of Dighton, MA did everything he was supposed to in order to be a law abiding gun owner.

Plouffe followed the state’s restrictive gun laws which require a Firearms Identification Card simply to own a firearm and bought his two pump action shotguns and black powder rifle legally. He stored his firearms with cable locks to prevent unauthorized use and made to transport his guns in a legal manner.

Being only 19, Plouffe, was limited in what guns he could legally purchase, which is why he stuck to shotguns and rifles.

Back in March, Plouffe was pulled over because his car matched the description of a car police were looking for. The officer noticed an unloaded, locked shotgun in the vehicle. Plouffe provided his FID Card and was free to go. No citations were issued during the stop.

However, after the incident, a police sergeant and the police chief learned of an incident in which Plouffe had been shooting with minors (with their parents permission). This caused the pair to question Plouffe’s “maturity” and that’s when they decided to play judge and jury.

The same day the officers made the decision, they went to Plouffe’s home and confiscated his shotguns and rifle along with his FID Card.

Now Plouffe is fighting back and is suing the city along with the police chief.

According to The Taunton Gazette,

Matthew P. Plouffe claims that town’s police department violated his Constitutional right to bear arms. The lawsuit calls for the reinstatement of Plouffe’s FID card and the return of his guns. The lawsuit also requests an order permanently enjoining all the law enforcement officials involved from enforcing the state’s gun license law, and calls for the payment of Plouffe’s attorney fees…

…“The only reason you can’t get that license or it should be taken away is if you are disqualified for statutory reasons, convicted of crime, or confined to mental institution, or are addicted to alcohol or controlled substances, or you get a 209A restraining order against you,” [Plouffe’s lawyer Matthew Trask] said.

“The FID is unlike a handgun license,” Trask said. “The LTC (license to carry), which allows a police chief to exercise as what the law refers to discretion to determine the applicants’ suitability, based on various unarticulated non-specified factors the chief may or may not think is important. This case, as the complaint alleges, we have information that shows that the decision to suspend the FID card was a decision based on reflected maturity and essentially his choice of friends.”

As a Constitutionally protected right, you should never lose your Second Amendment rights without due process of law. By acting as judge and jury, the city police chief has effectively denied Plouffe his right to due process.

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