BREAKING: FL Sheriff Who Was Arrested for Releasing Gun Carrying Citizen is Acquitted by a Jury!

October 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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149339_186659244791275_371086315_nLiberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch, 51 has been acquitted by a jury of his peers.

He says that he released a citizen who was arrested for carrying a handgun without a license due to his stance on the Second Amendment.

Last year, following the incident, Florida Governor Rick Scott suspended Finch, who was then arrested shortly after.

Floyd Parrish, 58, was arrested by a now former Liberty County deputy for carrying a small handgun in his pocket. Parrish testified that he kept the gun for protection and to summon help if needed to his rural home.

According to Reuters,

At the county jail, Finch advised him to get a permit soon, and let him go.

Prosecutors did not contend that Finch lacked authority to release Parrish or to overrule the deputy’s decision to arrest him. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell argued that the sheriff, who was elected last year in a bitterly fought campaign, was repaying Parrish and his brothers for their political support.

He said Finch was “using the Constitution to cover up his criminality” and that he broke the law by removing Parrish’s booking records and arrest report from the jail.

However, Finch and his attorneys say he was just using some common sense and acting the neighborly way people do in rural Florida, which, in many communities has more in common with the old south than the resort atmosphere of urban Florida.

Finch’s lawyer, Jimmy Judkins, stated the following,

“There ain’t many of y’all, but you have your own common code or beliefs,” he said. “It’s a way of life over here for people to own guns … There’s a distinct possibility that, every now and then, one of y’all is going to make a mistake and he doesn’t want to create a convicted felon out of an incident that could be misunderstood.”

Prosecutors allege that Finch removed and falsified arrest records, however, computer and property records at the jail have always properly showed the booking.

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