Australian Police Arrest Family After Finding 328 Firearms and 4.2 Tons of Ammo on Farm

November 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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aussieI thought Australia was some kind of gun free utopia.

Police in Australia have arrested a father and two sons after finding 328 firearms and 4.2 tons of ammo on a farm in Queensland.

According to NBC,

Among the 328 weapons were military-style automatic rifles, some of which were worth up to $50,000 each, and Glock handguns worth $10,000, police said.

“This is certainly one of the largest hauls of firearms, ammunition and weapons we have uncovered,” said Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker of the Queensland Police. “These firearms are very disturbing.”

The men, who have not been named, were licensed to have 71 weapons. But most of the stockpile was illegal, modified or converted in some way, Wacker said.

$10,000 Glocks?! Did they have a collection of Glock 18’s?

It looks like many of these firearms are antiques, rimfire, and/or bolt action hunting rifles. Hardly some kind of military arsenal.

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