Another Company Leaves Anti-Gun Colorado; Maverick Ammo Announces Move to WY

November 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock-brassGun, ammo and accessory makers continue to flee from anti-gun states. Another company has announced they will be leaving the state of Colorado.

Maverick Ammunition, who also does business as Ammo Kan, will be leaving Colorado for Laramie, WY.

According to a report from the Laramie Boomerang,

Maverick Ammunition manufactures target-grade ammunition and ammunition for hunting. It also manufactures tactical-grade ammunition for use in law enforcement. The company’s product line includes well-known shooting sport brands such as Hornady, Nosler, Lake City and Berry’s, according to a statement released by Maverick Ammunition CEO Curt Perry.

The company is expected to employ more than 50 people. There will be full-time and part-time positions, ranging from entry-level manufacturing, to clerical and bookkeeping, to experienced warehouse and distribution managers, Perry wrote.

“This is an exciting time for all of us as we look forward to making Laramie our lifetime home,” he said.

Earlier this year Colorado passed numerous new gun laws despite enormous public opposition. Two state senators, including the senate president, John Morse, were recalled from office back in September over their support of gun control.

A third state senator, Evie Hudak, was being targeted for recall and actually resigned earlier this week after she realized she would most likely not survive the recall effort. Her resignation will insure another anti-gun politician can be appointed to replace her, allowing Democrats to keep their 18-17 majority in the state senate…until 2014 anyway.

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