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  • October 13, 2014 | Comments
    PA Concealed Carrier Shoots Attacker, Who Was Wielding 13in Hunting Knife, in the Groin

    Let's see, what are the quick takeaways from our first defensive gun use on this Monday? 1. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight and 2. OUCH! According to local media sources, a man armed with a 13 inch serrated hunting knife apparently became agitated and confronted another man in the parking lot a store in Philadelphia around 5:30PM yesterday. The victim told the suspect to drop the knife several times, but the suspect... Read More »

  • September 29, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] “I Had to Defend My Home and My Child” – FL Woman Holds Intruder at Gunpoint

    Lizette Rosario didn't waste any time when she realized that someone was attempting to break into her Orange City, Florida home late last week. The mother of one grabbed a 9mm pistol and confronted a suspect at her back door. From WKMG, "I woke up frantic. The first thing I thought of was to grab my gun, defend my home, defend my child, and that's exactly what I went out there to do," Rosario said. "When you... Read More »

  • September 16, 2014 | Comments
    Armed Robber Killed, Shootout Caught on Video, Family of Robber Threatens to Kill Victims

    A family in Houston, Texas who owned a convenience store found themselves in a fight for their lives with a shotgun wielding armed robber over the weekend. Fortunately, one of the family members, Usman Seth, was armed and ready to defend himself and his family. According to the Houston Chronicle, Seth said the gunman first threatened his older sister at the cash register. "I wanted to make the threat go away,"... Read More »

  • August 01, 2014 | Comments
    Suspect Who Was Shot by Homeowner Protecting His Mother Left Trail of Blood, but is Still at Large

    TWIN FALLS, IDAHO - One of two suspected burglars left a trail of blood as he fled a home after he was shot by the homeowner, who was acting to protect his mother. According to local media outlet KMVT, The victim told police he grabbed the gun when he heard noises from his living room. When he opened his bedroom door he said he saw a suspect standing next to his mother’s bedroom door. He discharged his gun... Read More »

  • July 22, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Grandmother Uses 9mm Pistol to Shoot Intruder as Granddaughter Hides in Closet

    A grandmother in Alabama, identified as 63 year old Phyliss Law, is now keeping her pump action shotgun close at hand after she was forced to shoot a home intruder last week. According to Fox 10 TV, "We heard this crackling… Like wood popping and stuff. I said oh my god. He trying to come in. So I backed up to my room and got my gun and got my extra clip,” Law said. She was hoping the suspect would go away.... Read More »

  • June 27, 2014 | Comments
    Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invader Tattooed With Devil Horns and Armed With Baseball Bat

    A homeowner in Peru, Indiana had to use deadly force to defend himself and his home when an acquaintance forced his way into the victim's home and threatened him with a baseball bat. According to The Pharohs Tribune, the suspect, identified as 30 year old Donny L. Sturgill was owed a $200 debt over a phone bill by the victim, identified as Andrew Baldwin. Sturgill texted Baldwin to tell him if the money was not... Read More »

  • June 13, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Gun Owner Shows Poise During Assault and Holds His Fire Due to Downrange Children

    The four rules of firearm safety should always be on your mind, even during a defensive use of your firearm. Of course, during an actual life and death situation this might be hard so it's important to think about these things ahead of time, especially in your home. In this case, an Idaho gun owner is earning praise from police and his local community for *not* opening fire on a woman who opened fire on him with a... Read More »

  • June 03, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] New York City Defensive Gun Use – Carjacker Killed During Attempted Robbery

    Sadly, the average citizen on the street in New York City doesn't have the ability to defend themselves from violent criminals due to draconian gun and self defense laws. However, defensive gun uses can, and do happen, in the Big Apple. Case in point, an 18 year old gun wielding car jacker was shot dead by a retired NYPD officer as he sat in his Mercedes in Brooklyn. According to The NY Daily News, “I looked... Read More »

  • May 25, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] 22 Year Old Female Bookstore Clerk Draws Gun on Would be Robber

    Let's add pepper spray to the list of things not to bring to a gunfight. A would be robber attempted to rob an Iowa textbook store using a can of pepper spray. He put the spray right in the face of 22 year old Jessica McDonald and demanded money from the register. As the store's phone started ringing, Jessica slowly inched towards the phone, which happened to be near the store's safe. Inside the safe was a Springfield... Read More »

  • February 18, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Des Moines Police Advise Homeowners Not to Fight Home Invaders Unless No Other Options

    This story is getting documented and categorized in our database of defensive gun uses, but we also want to talk about what the Des Moines police said in relation to the story. Two suspects tried to break into a home in Des Moines, Iowa in early January. Fortunately for the occupants of the home, the homeowner was armed with a 9mm Glock. The homeowner opened fire on the pair of would be intruders ands struck one... Read More »