Gun Toons Comic, Vol 1 Issue 1, Recall Madness

September 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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We’re trying something new. We’re always looking for innovative ways to engage new audiences and to use new types of media to present information.

So, let’s give comics a try. In this week’s comic we’re covering the recent recall madness that has plagued the gun industry.

In a matter of weeks, a safety warning along with a potentially small recall was put out by Smith and Wesson concerning their extremely popular Shield line of pistols.

Just days later, Springfield issued a large scale recall of their XDS line of pistols – the same guns that were directly competing with S&W’s Shield.

Then, several weeks later we heard about one of the worst recalls to hit the gun industry in recent times.

Up and coming polymer pistol maker Caracal announced they were recalling of their “C” model pistols. Worse yet, there wasn’t even a fix for this recall. Owners were simply instructed to return their gun to the manufacturer for a full refund or a credit for a different Caracal model.

Of course, three recalls in such quick concession brought out the conspiracy theorists. Was it the government behind the recalls? An anti-gun mega corporation pulling strings behind the scenes?

The answer to both and all of those questions is of course, absolutely not.

The truth is that the gun industry is subject to the same trials and tribulations as every other industry. Manufacturers are obviously working at 110% right now to meet the highest demand for firearms in the history of the world. They are also trying to get new products to market just as quickly in order to ride the current tide of buying.

This means there is bound to be some oversight and some models being rushed.

In all of the recalls, all the guns involved were all very highly reviewed guns which all seemed to be doing great in their respective markets.

However, due to the life and death nature of gun reliability, even tiny issues, which could probably be ignored in other industries, become grounds for immediate recall in the gun industry.

There is no doubt we are going to see tons of innovation in the gun market in the coming years. However, as new designs and concepts are released, let’s remember that new designs sometimes suffer from design flaws that don’t become visible until well into the consumer ownership portion of the product life cycle.

If you like the idea of periodic comics let us know by Liking, Sharing, or Commenting. If people seem to like the idea we’ll refine the art and do regular releases.

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