DOMINATION: NRA Won 91% of Election Races They Campaigned In

November 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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It looks like Republicans weren’t the only big winners during last week’s midterm elections. According to a recent report, the NRA won 91% of the races in which it campaigned and received a 95% positive return on investment for the money they spent.

According to the Washington Examiner:

In its best election in over a decade, the National Rifle Association scored a 91.2 percent win rate in the House and Senate races it jumped into, and also found the bull’s-eye in state races, according to the Second Amendment group.

“Our members came out in droves and voted for their rights and their freedom,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told Secrets. “This was one of the most successful election cycles in a decade,” he added.

Overall, the Northern Virginia-based lobby and education group spent about $35 million, more than in many past elections, and saw 229 of 251 candidates endorsed by the NRA and its NRA-Political Victory Fund win.

The independent Sunlight Foundation gave the NRA a 95 percent “return on investment.” By comparison, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent $20 million to crush pro-gun candidates, “got walloped,” added Sunlight.

It seems that the NRA political machine is running as strong as ever in regards to the campaign cycle.

The results were especially striking in the Senates, where several Democrat controlled seats in traditionally pro-gun seats went Republican.

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