[Video] Tac-Con Unveils Two New Triggers and New, Lower Price Points

October 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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Our friend Hank Strange running the new Raptor trigger in a Saiga 12 AK pattern shotgun.

The Tac-Con 3MR AR-15 drop-in trigger system made quite the splash in the AR world in 2014. The trigger was the first on the market to incorporate a 3rd operating mode (besides legit select fire firearms of course).

The trigger achieved a very fast rate of fire without going below the 4.5lb pull weight that many people look for in a duty/home defense rifle.

Some reviewers thought the trigger was a gimmick, some thought it performed perfectly and others thought it was overpriced at $495.

Well, Tac-Con hosted another media event this week, and I was invited. Unfortunately, due to a family obligation I was ultimately unable to attend, and it looks like I’m missing out.

It looks like Tac-Con has finally unveiled their AK trigger (yes it works in Saiga-12 shotguns as well), called the Raptor, and the initial impressions are good. Via Sam Cadle at The Firearm Blog:

Running some 2x2x2 drills for time with a stock AK and a Raptor my times were close to the same, between 1.6-2sec. Where there was a huge difference was rounds on target. With the Raptor I was getting far more shots on target, and was able to get a lot more trigger control. Of note is also that I ran the same drills again with a 3MR (AR platform) trigger, and had very similar times, but did find that my accuracy was far better. This is more than likely due to the fact that the AR platform is a smaller round and mitigates recoil much more efficiently, allowing the shooter to stay on target for more consecutive rounds

It sounds like the AK trigger is certainly promising. However, as a shameless AR-15 guy I was more interested in their new AR trigger, still in R&D, which features both the 3MR assisted reset mode and a precision 2 stage trigger in the third position.

If you guys saw my 3MR review, you know my biggest criticism was the fact that it was hard to get to the 3MR from safe as it was in the 3rd selector position. It looks like Tac-Con listened to me (or, more realistically, had a great idea on their own). This new trigger remedies that by putting the 3MR mode at 90 degrees and a precision 2 stage trigger in the 3rd mode. This means you can quickly get into the assisted reset mode for close, quick shots or easily switch over to the third mode for longer, more precise shots.

Also of interest are the new price points: The classic 3MR trigger is dropping from $495 to $395, the new AK Raptor trigger will run $349, and the new 2 stage trigger that I’m super excited about will be $395. That $395 price point seems like it will be very attractive since it combines both a rapid fire trigger as well as a precision 2 stage trigger.

Since I was unable to make this media event I’m really looking forward to testing these triggers out at SHOT Show in January.

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