[Video] BREAKING: Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) To Leave Anti-Gun Illinois, Taking Business to Iowa

September 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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If you’ve spent any time in the online AR-15 community, you’ve probably heard of Lewis Machine and Tool, or better known as LMT.

The company produces high end rifles for the civilian market as well as a variety of weapons for the military and various law enforcement agencies.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, LMT has called Milan, IL home.

Now, due to anti-gun and anti-business laws, LMT is crossing the border and heading to Davenport, Iowa.

The move is less than 10 miles, but will give LMT better tax advantages as well as more security in the more gun friendly state of Iowa.

People in the gun business in Illinois not only face uncertainty over gun laws in state, whose legislature is in a stranglehold by Democrats, but also tax rates that make business expansion tough.

In an interview with WQAD8, Milan mayor Duane Dawson laments Illinois’s stance on guns and business,

“We here in Illinois have fought this for quit some time about attracting businesses”, he continued, “It’s very difficult to get manufacturers to come to this state.”

LMT employs over 150 people and will be expanding to meet increased demand following their move.

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