[Video] BREAKING: Major Fire at Winchester Ammo Plant

February 9 2014
by GSL Staff
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Early this morning, firefighters responded to reports of a fire at the Winchester ammunition plant in East Alton, IL.

It appears, based on initial reports, that the fire was contained to a storage area and was caused, or made worse by, exploding propane tanks.

No one was injured during the blaze, which was classified as a three alarm fire.

The fire was so large, it took firefighters from seven different departments to extinguish it.

According to Chief Randy Nelson, they were tipped off to the fire by a passerby who noticed the fire and called 911.

No word on whether the fire will affect ammunition production. Certain calibers still remain difficult to find following last year’s ammunition shortage, while more common calibers such as 9mm, .40SW and .223 are becoming more prevalent.

The hardest cartridge to find remains the extremely popular .22LR round.

There is an investigation taking place to determine what caused the fire, which was visible for quite some distance during its peak.

Source: KMOV

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