Ruger Will Be Expanding in North Carolina in 2014

February 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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RugerRuger, along with pretty much every other firearms manufacturer in the country, has had a pretty solid 2013.

During a sharehold earnings call this week, Ruger CEO Michael O. Fifer said that the company’s North Carolina facility would be enjoying the company’s job expansion efforts during 2014, citing a lack of workers/talent near their other facilities.

According to the New Hampshire Business Review,

“We may relieve some of the capacity constraints in Newport (N.H.) or Prescott (Ariz.) in moving existing products,” he said, adding that he would like all the factories – which currently employ a total of about 2,400 – to have the same size workforce.

“If you look at a workforce of 1,000 people in a factory, you might have 800 terrific folks, but when you are stretching that hard, the last 100 people you hired might not be the folks you hired if you had a choice, so if I can over time get manned enough and get enough products in there (North Carolina) to take a little of the pressure off the other two plants, we’ll be better off for it,” Fifer said.

The company had 823 employees in Newport in 2013, according to NHBR’s Book of Lists.

It’s good to see an American company focusing on states with liberty oriented gun laws. New Hampshire and Arizona have some of the best gun laws in the country. While North Carolina has a couple of laws they need work on, they are also generally considered a pro-gun state.

During the call Ruger also revealed they are enjoying a 55% increase in sales over the previous year. They also say this has dropped in late 2013 and early 2014. This is pretty much in line with the rest of the industry. As I’m sure you know, early-mid 2013 represented a huge spike in gun sales and gun companies are still playing catch up from those orders.

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