LWRC Up For Sale? Possibly.

February 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 4.10.24 AMLWRC is known for their high end rifles and AR-15 accessories. The company has spent years building a quality reputation in the gun community.

Now, it seems the prestigious company may be for sale and/or sold.

Jon Stokes over at AllOutdoor.com broke the potential news,

Now we can add more fuel to the fire with some new revelations. Recent inquiries from AllOutoor to LWRC regarding possible advertising and T&E rifles were met with some pretty bizarre responses, which stated that the company is currently prohibited from entering into any “contracts, obligations, or expenditures.”

Having sold a company myself before, I know exactly what the above means: it means that LWRC is almost certainly in the final stages of talks with a buyer.

I circled back and asked for confirmation and received a “we can neither confirm nor deny” message. So yeah, I’m thinking that it’s on like Donkey Kong.

LWRC is pretty big in the world of 6.8SPC ARs. Should any major militaries (US included) be in the market to make 6.8 their rifle caliber of choice, LWRC is positioned to fetch a pretty penny on the open market.

As far as buyers, the word on the street has ranged from big time companies such as Colt to the Freedom Group (owners of Remington, DPMS, Bushmaster, PARA and others).

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