Gun Shop’s Insurance Policy Canceled Because They Sell, Wait For It… Guns

June 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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According to a post on Shooter’s Outpost’s Facebook page, the gun shop’s insurance policy has been canceled for an interesting reason given the line of work they’re in.

According to the cancellation letter, the policy is being canceled because the shop is an “Ineligible Tenant: Gun Shop”.

The post read as follows:

You may have heard about some Banks refusing to extend credit to businesses that engage in the sale of firearms.

Along the same lines, we have just received a non-renewal on our Insurance, from Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company, Worcester MA, because our business, Shooters Outpost, a gun shop, is the tenant of our building!

Here is the actual embed from Facebook:

It seems that the insurance industry may be shying away from working with the gun industry. As you’ve probably heard over the last year, financial institutions including banks, lenders and payment processors have also been shying away from working with gun dealers, despite the fact that the gun business is one of the most highly regulation and monitored industries in the country.

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