Cabela’s Exclusive Desert Eagle 1911 – Yes, Apparently That’s a Real Thing Now

August 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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Few terms in the gun world capture the imagination of gun owners as much as “Desert Eagle” and “1911”.

Of course, the Desert Eagle has become synonymous with big bore semi-auto handguns, namely the Desert Eagle .50AE hand cannon.

Likewise, there are few gun designs more timeless and more owned than the venerable 1911 pistol.

Let’s throw one more well respected brand in there – retail giant Cabela’s.

Now, in a move apparently designed to break the Internet, Magnum Research has announced they will be teaming up with retailer Cabela’s in order to produce an exclusive Desert Eagle 1911 in a variety of finishes and sizes not previously available (such as the case hardened frame shown above).

We aren’t just talking one pistol here. No, Magnum Research and Cabela’s will be offering a variety of exclusive takes on the DE 1911 including an ultralight officer’s model and a case hardened government model.

The pistols will have a price range of $749.99 – $1,099.99 and will be available only through Cabela’s. Of course, the standard DE 1911G and C models have been around for a while and will still be offered through normal channels.

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