BREAKING: Recent ATF Letter on SIG Brace Calls Into Question Legality of Shoulder Firing

November 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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A new letter issued by the ATF to a custom shotgun shop could signal a change in the way the SIG Brace is being treated by the ATF.

According to the letter, addressed to Black Aces Tactical, a custom shotgun shop, it appears to call into question the act of shouldering a firearm equipped with the brace.

The letter in question was specifically regarding a shotgun with an overall length greater than 26″ with a vertical grip attached as far as I can tell, so it’s not as if this letter negates the previously letter as best as I can tell.

Here is the letter, originally posted from


The ATF has previously ruled that the use of a vertical foregrip on a firearm that is over 26″ in length is legal as the firearm is no longer considered a pistol at that point. See the Franklin Armory XO-26 Approval Letter.

Here is the ATF approval letter to that made a splash earlier this year that declared it was legal to shoulder an AR-15 pistol equipped with the SIG Brace:


It does seem like the ATF may have an issue with shoulder firing a 26″+ firearm equipped with both a VFG and a SIG Brace, something that has become very popular when you combine the brace and VFG decisions.

This is the first time the ATF has implied that the way you use a firearm influences its legality. Now, keep in mind, this letter only applies to the specific shotgun asked about in this letter.

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