BREAKING: It’s Official, Remington is Heading to Alabama

February 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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remingtonOver the weekend, we reported that an announcement was expected today that Remington would be expanding and/or moving operation from its current home in New York to the state of Alabama, in part due to New York’s strict gun laws.

Now it looks like we have confirmation. During a press conference with Remington representatives and Alabama Governor Robert Bentley it was announced Remington will be opening a large plant in Huntsville, AL. The new facility will employ somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 people, bringing a large economic boost to the area.

According to,

Remington group CEO George Kollitides says Alabama’s state motto – “We Dare Defend Our Rights’ -“says it all.” He says company is glad to bring oldest gun manufacturer in America to city that built the Apollo moon rocket…

…Gov. Robert Bentley says 24 states made proposals to Remington. Bentley says Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, another Remington suitor, called him Sunday to say he wished Remington was coming there, but is happy Alabama will get the plant if Texas didn’t.

Alabama has a good business climate, respect for gun rights and support for the military, Bentley said. “Why will you prosper?” Bentley continued. “The people we will train and you will hire will be the best … in the world.”

Many gun owners and Second Amendment supporters had hoped Remington would move completely out of New York to protest the state’s strict gun laws. However, at least for the immediate future, it appears the New York facility will remain open as well.

However, Kollitides’s comment about Alabama’s state motto does seem to be a jab at New York’s anti-gun rights climate.

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