98,000 Taurus 24/7 Pistols Recalled

September 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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The latest major gun manufacturer to be plagued by recalls and safety warnings is apparently Taurus.

According to internationl reports, the Brazilian gun maker is being forced to recall nearly 100,000 of the 24/7 pistols which are currently in use by the Brazilian police.

The guns were made specifically for the police and it is not believed any of the other 24/7 line of pistols is affected. No Taurus USA guns are known to have the problem.

In the above video it is shown that simply by shaking the pistol it can be inadvertently fired.

The issue is reproduced several times on camera.

Taurus becomes the fourth major manufacturer in less than 2 months to face issues with a popular line of their pistols.

Back in late August Smith and Wesson issued a possible safety warning on their, popular line of Shield pistols, but stopped short of a recall.

Just a week later, Springfied issued an all out recall of their line of popular XDS pistols. The issue in question could be fixed by a quick trip to Springfield.

Earlier this month, in the largest recall, Caracal was forced to permanently recall their Compact line of pistols and offer consumers a refund, as no fix for the issue could found.

Hat Tip: Guns.com, TFB

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