[Video] Wow. 1000 Yard Shot With a Barrel Taped To a 2×4

November 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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The above video shows a 1,000 yard shot being made with a rifle action that is attached, with tape, to a 2×4.

According to the thread at TacticalMatches.com,

Finished the TM/Rifles Only competition course and was chatting with one of the guys visiting Rifles Only. He had a barreled action, with the Teludyne Sleeve on it. He told me about it and the rest of people down there about it. Said it was capable of shooting really good no matter what stock is sat in, but he needed a stock. Well, thats when he said hell I bet I can put it on a 2×4 and it will shoot 1 MOA.

Game on.

No action screws, no bedding, only inletted for trigger, bottom metal, and recoil lug.

According to comments on the Youtube video the “rifle” is a Savage 110 .300 Win Mag with the StraightJacket Barrel System on it.

I would have personally liked to see a simultaneous camera on the target, but it looks like they made do with what they had.

Here is another video showing the sighting in process for the “rifle”.

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