[Video] TrackingPoint AR15 + Google Glass = 100% Accuracy Around Corners

June 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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As I’ve said time and time again, I applaud innovation in the gun industry. I know a lot of gun owners and people in this industry who are wood and steel traditionalists, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, in the technological age we live in today, there is no reason that technology should not be part of the future gun conversation.

TrackingPoint has been a part of that technological discussion for over a year now. Their new rifle systems that allow most shooters, once made familiar with their system, the ability to make precision shots is nothing short of impressive.

Now it seems that TrackingPoint has integrated with Google’s new wearable tech, Google Glass to create a HUD for their new TrackingPoint AR-15 rifles.

In the video above we see that a shooter is literally able to shoot around a corner with 100% accuracy by pairing up the Google Glass device with the tracking point rifle.

Of course, it’s not just around the corner shots that could benefit from this technology. Hip shots and other shots from non traditional shooting positions all of a sudden become a piece of cake for this system.

According to the video description on Youtube,

The video demonstrates how wearable technology could enhance a shooter’s ability to engage targets on the battlefield. Similar to a fighter jet’s head’s-up display (HUD), the wearable PGF technology provides the shooter with visual aids to improve the aiming and shooting process. TrackingPoint’s ShotView system can be used to stream video to smartphones or tablets. With wearable technology, the ShotView system could be even more tightly integrated into the shooting experience.

Through the PGF’s ShotView video stream on the HUD, the shooter can easily see such important variables as range to target, shot angle, rifle cant, compass direction, battery life, and zoom setting, all without looking away or diverting their attention. Clearly, the advent of wearable technology has unlocked the potential for firearms to be used in all new ways.

Now, if you think this setup is something you’re interested in, go ahead and get out your checkbook. Google Glass is going to run you around $1500 while the TrackingPoint AR15 will set you back an additional $9,950.

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