[Video] NutnFancy Reviews Troy’s Pump Action AR Style Rifle – 0.5 MOA, 100% Reliability

October 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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A while back we previewed Troy’s new PAR-15 (pump action rifle). It’s an AR-style rifle that is, you guessed it, pump action.

It takes standard AR magazines and was developed as a way for people in crappy gun control states to have an AR style rifle that can still be fired relatively quickly and still use removable magazines. Plus, it has a similar manual of arms to the AR-15 rifles so many millions of Americans are used to.

Nutnfancy put the rifle through its paces in a recent video posted to his Youtube channel. He found that the rifle was capable of shooting 0.5 MOA with simple 55gr FMJ ammo.

Of course, being a pump action rifle, it was also 100% reliable (assuming you don’t short stroke it or introduce other user error into the equation).

Also, this seems to be a very simple firearm. No gas system, no buffer system, greatly reduced wear on moving parts. Can you say survival/shtf weapon? Sure you’re sacrificing some rate of fire with a pump action, but you’re greatly reducing the complexity of the weapon and increasing reliability.

Back when it was announced we predicted that it could be a great suppressor host, and it looks like that should be true. Although it does appear the muzzle brake is welded on and must be drilled out to be removed. I’m assuming Troy did this to cut down on one more “military feature” for restricted states. Just think how quiet of a rifle this could be using custom, hand-loaded, heavy rounds. There is no semi-auto action and no buffer to make any noise during the firing process and you’re cutting down on blowback as the gases won’t be coming back in your face like on a semi-auto.

Is this a replacement for the AR-15 platform? Heck no! Is it a viable rifle for people who live in less free states? Yep. Is it a very accurate, ultra reliable, super simple, versatile carbine for everyone else? Seems like it.

I admit, I wasn’t too excited about this rifle when it was first announced besides being an alternative for gun control state residents. However, the more I hear about it, the more I think it could have very real applications outside of that use too.

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