[Video] Jerry Miculek Fires 32 Rounds from a 9mm Tavor in Just Over 4 Seconds

February 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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Jerry Miculek is fast. Really fast. He currently holds several speed shooting world records and keeps pushing the envelope by shooting all types of firearms.

In this video, Jerry is running the new 9mm conversion kit on the IWI Tavor and he is able to put 32 rounds on target in just over 4 seconds. Granted, the target looks like it’s only 5-7 yards away, but the 9mm Tavor isn’t meant to be a long range firearm anyway.

I’m going to assume Jerry is using the stock trigger here, and if you’ve ever shot a Tavor you probably realize how impressive this speed is. While the Tavor’s trigger isn’t terrible by bullpup standards, it’s less than amazing when compared to non-bullpup rifles.

I got to shoot the 9mm Tavor at SHOT Show this year, and wow is that thing a soft shooter. The bullpup design, for me anyway, stays on target very well due to how close the weapon stays to your body and the 9mm just makes it even easier compared to the 5.56.

The price point for the Tavor and the 9mm conversion kit lives something to be desired however. At around $1,800 for the Tavor itself and another $800 for the conversion kit, you’re talking about a pretty penny for a pistol caliber carbine.

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