[Video] Jerry Miculek Does REALLY In Depth Review of Glock 42 – Reliability Questioned?

February 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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If you don’t know who Jerry Miculek is, well you probably haven’t been in the shooting community very long (no offense).

First off, we should mention, Jerry is sponsored by Smith and Wesson. Having followed Jerry for a long time, I am quite confident that his sponsorships would not affect his review of another manufacturer’s gun as I’ve seen him shoot a variety of brands in a variety of situations. All you have to do is watch some of his other Youtube videos to see the variety of guns he shoots.

Also, another thing to mention, Jerry is old school and he makes no secret that his carry gun is a J-Frame .357. Once again, I don’t see this affecting his review as I’ve seen tons of examples of Jerry shooting semi-autos, and enjoying them. OK, now that we have any potential biases out of the way, let’s get into the video.

First off, early in the video, Jerry was shooting left on his first ever shots with the 42. A grip change allowed him to easily move the rounds to center mass no problem.

The 42 seemed to function 100% with standard pressure ball ammo. The issue that came up was with some of the premium JHP (jacketed hollow point) ammo. At least one type of ammo had trouble feeding from the top round off the magazine. Not a terrible malfunction, but could certainly be an issue in a reload situation.

Jerry did not experience the issue that Hickok45 experienced in his review with hotter ammo. Using some hotter ammo, the slide locked back in the middle of a magazine.

Hickok was using Buffalo Bore ammo which is known to be pretty darn hot. He emailed Buffalo Bore about the issue he was experiencing and got the following response according to his Youtube channel,

I emailed Buffalo Bore and explained what I experienced. I received what seems to be a very sensible and intelligent reply from Tim, the owner, at Buffalo Bore, so I’ll post it here. See below:

I have not yet tested the new Glock model 42, but over the years of making millions of rounds of +P 380 auto ammo, I have seen a couple other pistols slide lock engage while there is still ammo in the magazine. Generally this is caused by the amount of recoil generated by a given round i.e. the rapid backward thrust of the slide will cause the slide stop to engage. It can be remedied a number of ways, depending on exactly how/why it is occurring. Without seeing one of the new model 42 Glocks, I should not comment too much, but generally a stronger slide stop spring (if this pistol has one) or a deeper detent for the slide stop, will remedy the problem.

Personally, in any caliber below 9mm I’m going to go with FMJ ammo, yes, even for carry, because I want good penetration in that smaller caliber. That said, you would expect a Glock to be able to run some of the more popular JHP ammo without issue.

I did get to shoot the Glock 42 at Media Day at the Range at SHOT Show 2014. You can see my opinions in the video below, but please note, I only got to shoot a few rounds through this gun in a controlled environment.

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