[Video] Hickok45 Enters the “Grip Zone” – Debuts New Springfield XD Sub-Compact Mod.2

November 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s like the Danger Zone, but grippier.

Hickok45 not only already has one of Sprigfield’s recently released Mod.2 XD pistols, but he’s already got a video of it up on Youtube.

Of course, Hickok45 isn’t an in-depth, torture test reviewer like some other channels, but he always does a good shooting demo and overview of a gun in entertaining videos.

If you’re not familiar with the Mod.2, here’s some information we previously published:

Springfield has officially announced the new iteration of their extremely popular XD handgun, dubbed the XD Mod.2.

The new version seems to be fundamentally the same as the previous with mainly cosmetic and minor minor handling changes designed to make the gun more carry friendly.

From the press release:

When picking up the Mod.2™, shooters will find that critical aspects of the design have been fine-tuned. Mod.2™ ergonomics are a next-level experience that you have to feel to believe and understand. The entire interface between the shooter and the gun has been updated, while retaining the Point-and-Shoot characteristics that made it famous. Key features have been tweaked and enhanced to further enable effortless shooting. And you’ll find that the overall package is now more concealable as well.

The Mod.2 has the following new features/changes:

Achieve easier and faster target acquisition with the fiber optic front sight.

The rear sight on the Mod.2™ is low profile, snag free, and holster friendly.

A more pronounced rear serration makes racking the slide effortless.

The Mod.2™ has a slimmer slide for concealability and more comfortable carry.

Higher hand positioning toward the barrel’s bore axis reduces felt recoil when firing.

Works in unison with the High-Hand™ Beavertail to reduce felt recoil.

The Mod.2™ frame has been re-contoured, a slimmer frame adds up to a more natural grip.

A slim disassembly lever makes for a streamlined, holster friendly design.

It looks like only the sub-compact model is getting the M.2 treatment at this time, and it will be available in .40 or 9mm with magazine capacities of 9+1 and 12+1 for .40SW and 13+1 and 16+1 for the 9mm version. It’s unclear if Springfield’s standard sized XD and/or XDm line will be getting a similar makeover.

No MSRP yet, but we’ll update this post as soon as we get it.

Springfield Armory®, the same company that brought Point & Shoot Ergonomics™ to the market in 2001 is proud to announce the latest evolution of the polymer pistol – The XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact in 9mm and .40CAL.

Put an XD® Mod.2™ in your hand, and you’ll feel the difference. Equipped with the GripZone™, the XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact applies ergonomic science to every surface that touches your hand.

Enter the GripZone™: a set of frame features working in unison to optimize interaction between the human hand and the pistol. Within the GripZone™, there are three distinct textures, each engineered for a specific purpose.

The GripZone™ doesn’t stop with new grip textures. The re-contoured, slimmer frame and slide add up to a far more natural grip feel that has nearly twice the magazine capacity and is only 2 tenths of an inch larger than single stack conceal carry models. The High-Hand™ grip relief and High-Hand™ beavertail enable the hand to be positioned as high as possible toward the barrel bore thereby greatly reducing the pistol’s felt recoil. The no-snag trigger guard minimizes possible unintended contact with a holster or clothing. All of these GripZone™ advantages are ergonomic features that you will truly feel. It all adds up to a pistol that naturally and comfortably stays positioned in your hand.

If you are looking for the best solution to shooting comfort, concealability and increased magazine capacity, you’ll want to pick up the new XD® Mod.2™ Sub-Compact.

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