[Video] FPSRussia Shows Us Some Ultra Slow Motion With the 3 Round Burst Steyr AUG

January 27 2014
by GSL Staff
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FPSRussia continues to roll out the new videos using his new ultra high speed format.

I’m not going to lie, the high speed format makes for some really cool shots, and I’m sure they’ll figure out even cooler targets to shoot in the future to take advantage of the new high speed gear.

Anyway, in this video we have a Steyr AUG bullpup style rifle. The rifle in the video is setup in the less seen 3 round burst mode. The standard military AUG is usually setup to deliver semi-auto fire when the trigger is partially pulled and full auto fire when the trigger is fully depressed and held. The 3-round burst, which requires a little bit of setup, is less seen. Of course, the civilian version is (sadly) semi-auto only.

Personally. the AUG isn’t one of my favorite bullpups. The gun uses proprietary magazines which can be a bit pricey compared to STANAG (aka AR-15) magazines.

Also, the AUG, once again, just in my opinion, suffers a pretty poor trigger. I know most bullpups have pretty crappy triggers just because of the way the system works, but the one AUG I’ve shot had a particularly nasty trigger pull.

I do like the idea of the integrated 1.5x Swarovski optic that comes on some models of the AUG and find that it serves it purpose as a close-medium range combat sight quite well. Although the model featured in this video is the one that features a full length top rail.

Love or hate his videos, FPSRussia is probably the most mainstream gun Youtube personality there is, and he is introducing new people to firearms everyday. Granted, they are mostly firearms those people will never be able to afford nor handle in real life, but still.

I look forward to see what other toys the Russian has in store for us and seeing how they make use of those beautiful high speed cameras.

In the comments to this video FPSRussia says he has some “big” videos coming soon, including a couple of vehicles. Not exactly sure what that means, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

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