[Video] DIYer Hacks EOTech Style Optic and Adds New Reticles, Features

August 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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File this one under cool stuff for the day. A DIYer on Youtube has hacked an EOTech style optic and incorporated new reticles and features.

The Firearm Blog is reporting that the hack was done using an Arduino Pro Mini control board and I2C OLED display. Those parts together should run less than $15 shipped.

According to a comment exchange on the Youtube, the physical changes could actually make the sight more durable,

Q – That’s awesome, how well does it stand to the recoil?

A – It should actually be more durable than the original, since I’ve removed all mechanical/moving parts. It also weighs a lot less due to small LiPo battery instead of 2xAA.

Here is the full video description,

First version of a hacked EOTech’ish scope. (Based on a cheap knockoff that’s actually a reflex sight rather than holographic)

———————- This is nothing more than a proof of concept. A small, fun hack. It is not meant to be actually used in any way. ———————-

There’s still loads of space left internally, so future (useful) versions could include features like ammo count, display of external sensor data like temperature, compass, GPS data/waypoints, etc. Geeky fun!

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