[Video] Daniel Defense Releases New Proprietary Stock, Pistol Grip and Precision Rifle

January 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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I got a chance to see some of the new offerings from Daniel Defense at the SHOT Show today.

First off, Daniel Defense has a really cool augmented reality app that works in conjunction with their magazine ads and 2014 catalog. Pretty cool marketing.

I posted some Facebook pictures yesterday of a couple of DD’s 300 BLK rifles that were sporting some new furniture. That was apparently what most people were interested in hearing about.

As we learned in the above video, the stock and pistol grip are both in house products being produced by Daniel Defense in Georgia. They will be standard on all 2014 rifles and will also be available for purchase separately. They felt very comfortable to hold, but I didn’t get a chance to shoot them.

The rifle featured in the video is the new Mark 12 rifle which is being offered with a cold hammer forged stainless steel barrel. I’ll admit I’m not a metal expert, but it sounds like cold hammer forging an all stainless barrel is a pretty innovative process.

The barrel is 18″ and uses a rifle length gas system, which of course means lower felt recoil.

The rifle features a Geissele trigger and free float rail system out of the box. The reported accuracy was 0.75″ groups at 100 yards with multiple types of ammo.

Multiple sling attachment points and plenty of rail space means the gun can be setup for multiple configurations.

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