[Video] .308 SCAR-H With 50 (FIFTY) Round Drum Magazine?! Yes, Please.

February 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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What’s better than a .308 caliber battle rifle? A .308 caliber battle rifle with a reliable 50 round drum magazine of course.

Iraqveteran8888 happily accommodates our need for big cartridges in big magazines in his recent SCAR-H video.

In the above video, Iraqveteran8888 shows up a SCAR-H using a HandlDefense lower receiver, which a lower that has been designed to accept standard AR-10 magazines. Handl also worked with XProducts to make sure the lower works with their relatively new 50 round drum magazine.

That’s right, 50 rounds of “reach and touch someone” .308/7.62×51 (the SCAR can handle both calibers) goodness.

Iraqveteran8888 reaches out and shows us the effectiveness of the combination of round/rifle/magazine at ranges between 100-300 yards from both the bench and standing positions. Yep, when you step up to the .308/7.62 you start at 100 yards. No 25 yard targets here.

I didn’t notice any hiccups from the XProducts 50 round drum except for 1 minor hiccup towards the end of one magazine and loading it looks to be fairly easy as far as drum magazines go. The system seemed to handle barrel smoking (literally) rapid fire with no problem.

This setup is a tad pricey for my tastes, but if you have the cash this is a pretty legit long range battle rifle configuration. You’re easily looking at $3,000+ not including optics for what you’re seeing here.

All in all, a really cool setup. Thanks to Iraqveteran8888 for sending $100+ of lead down range so we could check it out.

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