BREAKING: Glock G40 Finally Announced, Along With 3 Other New Models

January 3 2015
by GSL Staff
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There have been rumblings about the new Glock 40 for a few weeks now as some dealers started noticing references to new firearms in Glock print material.

Now, it looks like we might have the first look at these new guns and it might not be what people are expecting.

No, it’s not the elusive single stack 9mm that pretty much every gun owner in the world is apparently waiting for. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

It looks like two of the new guns are going to be Gen4, long slide, possibly optics ready, versions of Glock’s full size .45ACP (G41 MOS) and 10mm pistols (G40 MOS).

Kiesler Police Supply, one of the larger distributors of Glocks to law enforcement agencies in the US, made the announcement on their Facebook page that the new models would soon be available.


There is no official announcement from Glock on these new guns yet, so it’s unclear if Kiesler jumped the gun (bad gun pun intended) on releasing the info on their Facebook page.

Now when someone says “Glock 40” it will be extra confusing.

Also announced are the MOS versions of the G34 and G35.


We’ll definitely be putting our grubby paws all over these new models at SHOT Show later this month assuming Glock brings them to range day.

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