TacCon Set to Release “Bump Fire” Style, Drop-In Trigger for AR-15 That Gets Close to Legal Full Auto

November 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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The gentlemen in the video above aren’t shooting fully auto AR style rifles in the video above.

They are actually using a new trigger system from Tactical Fire Control, INC.

The trigger operates on a similar premise to many of the bump fire stocks we’ve seen released recently for the AR and AK platforms. While this system is a bit different from what we can tell, it looks like it uses a new trigger reset mechanism and inertia from the gun to achieve its rate of fire.

You’re technically still pulling the trigger for each shot, but due to the innovative reset system when the trigger is in its third mode, the results are very close to the real deal.

As you can tell from the video, the rate of fire of this system seems to be a bit lower than legit full auto. However, I personally see that as a benefit as it seems like the rate of fire this trigger system produces can actually be controlled quite well for accurate burst fire.

According the company’s website, in addition to the fun mode (that’s what we’re calling it), the other mode is a 4.5lb competition trigger. Talk about 2 in 1.

The company also says on their site that they ATF approval, including a letter to go along with the trigger (if you buy one of these we’d probably recommend keeping that letter with your rifle).

Unconfirmed sources put the price tag at approximately $495, which sounds just about right given the fact that you’re basically getting the functionality of a competition semi-auto fire group (usually $100-300) as well as the rapid fire capability which is currently only available from various stocks (usually $250-350).

Word on the street is that pre-orders for the trigger will start Dec 1.

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