Smith and Wesson’s New California Compliant SDVE Pistols Now Shipping

February 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.47.31 AMSmith and Wesson has announced that their California compliant SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols are now shipping. I believe this is the only semi-auto pistol Smith and Wesson will be selling California for the foreseeable future. The pistols were accepted to Cali’s approved gun list prior to the micro-stamping requirement, so they will be available until they fall off the list in the future (which, as long as they don’t change anything on them could be technically forever). S&W has announced they will not pursue compliance with the micro-stamping requirement in Cali.

I’m kind of torn on this. I know that there are good, gun owning people in Cali who need firearms for self defense, but part of me wishes that S&W would give Cali a big middle finger due to their passage of ridiculous gun control laws.

You probably aren’t going to win any shooting competitions with an SDVE pistol, but in my experience they are reliable and give Cali residents a few more rounds than a revolver and make for easier reloads. Given the fact that most semi-autos will likely fall off the approved list in coming months and years, the SDVE may become Cali’s most popular semi-auto.

Also, just in case there is some kind of random law requiring some type of disclosure on such things when writing about a product, I am a stock holder in S&W.

Anyway, here is the press release from S&W:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that the long awaited California compliant models of the increasingly popular SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols have commenced shipping.

Available in both 9mm and .40 S&W, the SDVE pistols were approved and added to the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale prior to the microstamping requirements.
These compliant models provide California residents with reliable pistols at an affordable price.

The highly anticipated California compliant models of the 9mm and .40 S&W SDVE pistols feature a 10-round capacity magazine, tactile loaded chamber indicator and magazine safety. Compliant and approved for sale in California, the new self-defense pistols retain original design elements including a polymer frame with stainless steel slide, two-tone finish, striker-fired action and 4-inch barrel. Each pistol is standard with a white-dot front sight, a fixed two-dot rear sight and an unloaded weight of 22.7 ounces.

The SDVE pistols also have the reliable Self Defense Trigger (SDT), which provides a smooth, consistent trigger pull and enhances accuracy while providing users with increased confidence. For optimal comfort and control, the SDVE pistols have been fitted with an 18 natural point of aim and an ergonomic grip with aggressive front and back strap texturing. The Smith & Wesson SD9 VE and SD40 VE have both been built with a textured finger locator, which is placed directly above the trigger guard on the left and right side of the frame. Underneath the barrel, a universal Picatinny-style equipment rail is standard for optional tactical lights, lasers and other popular accessories.

“The new SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols combine the best of both price and functionality in a reliable, ergonomic firearm engineered for personal protection,” said Mario Pasantes, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Professional Sales. “Built to deliver dependability, accuracy, comfort and value, these California compliant SDVE models provide the peace of mind long associated with the Smith & Wesson name.”

A number of high-quality accessories are readily available for the SDVE series and each pistol is furnished with Smith & Wesson’s lifetime service policy.

For more information on the new California compliant SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols from Smith & Wesson, visit or visit the company’s YouTube channel at for exciting new videos on the latest products.

About Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: SWHC) is a U.S.-based leader in firearm manufacturing and design, delivering a broad portfolio of quality firearms, related products and training to the consumer, law enforcement, and military markets. The company’s brands include Smith & Wesson, M&P and Thompson/Center Arms™. Smith & Wesson facilities are located in Massachusetts and Maine. For more information on Smith & Wesson, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to

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