“Smart Guns” Have Been Available for Decades, Still Not Popular: The Magna-Trigger Conversion

February 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - s&w_mod29_bluWith the recent focus on so called “smart guns” in the media, you might think this is a new technology, but it’s actually been around for quite a while, just not in its current form. The following “smart gun” technology has been around since the 1970’s.

The Magna-Trigger conversion is a custom process in which a magnetic piece is placed in the gun, preventing it from firing unless the user is also wearing a magnetic ring. Despite the simplicity in this system, it never really caught on for one simple reason. Generally people want their defensive firearms to be as simple as possible. Simple, well machined firearms make for reliable firearms.

However, honestly, I’d be more inclined to use this system if I wanted a “smart gun” rather the electronic systems that are being developed today. At least magnets don’t wear out, need power, and aren’t subject to systems that can jam RFID signals.

Here’s the description from the website, the service appears to still be offered today,

Smart gun technology affords us gun safety add-ons that can help protect others. Are you seriously concerned about the chance of you or others being slain or injured after an assailant grabs your gun from your “safe” holster or from your hand? This happens to many law enforcement officers each year! Of the injured, many are crippled for life.

Are you a parent concerned that your efforts to protect your family may instead expose your offspring to danger?

Your MODIFIED Smith & Wesson REVOLVER can help prevent these possibilities. Your special magnetic ring allows you instant firing of your gun, while your assailant (or your child finding your gun) will find it impossible to fire it!

Guns have been modified for police since June, 1976. For convenience, all magnetic rings allow firing of all modified guns. The device slides out for easy gun cleaning, and never requires oiling. Only one moving part is employed. The device is expected to outlast your gun by countless years. The powerful samarium magnets can last for centuries. The tiny stainless steel rings never tarnish, and weigh only five grams (1/5 ounce). You wear the ring on your middle finger for the six-shot guns and on the ring finger for the five-shot guns or the Ruger. Most officers wear a ring on both hands.

Gold and Silver rings are available for those whose tastes require fashion jewelry. These custom rings are converted to Magna-Trigger rings by a jeweler that we certify as competent in doing this work. All prices for custom rings are determined on a case-by-case basis.

All S&W J, K, L, & N frame guns can be modified. One other revolver, the Ruger Security Six revolver can also be modified. No other brands of guns are being modified and we currently are not modifing any autopistols.

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